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Jamia council gives nod to meta-varsity course

 Those students with maths background and planning to venture into the field of mass communication, Jamia brings good news for them. It has given the green light to a Mathematics-Mass Communication Research Centre (MCRC) meta-university course. The JMI move follows Delhi University's launch of four-year meta-college programmes.

A JMI spokesperson said that it is essentially a Master's in mathematics education course and graduate students.who have studied two semesters of maths are eligible to apply for the course.

She further added that the while the mathematical aspect of the course will be taught by DU professors, students will be able to use these concepts along with technology to understand the role of mathematics in mass communication. For example, cyber media uses mathematical concepts heavily when deciding on the number of hits and clicks, she said.

While this inter-disciplinary course will also include concepts of maths, proponents of the course maintained that its applications would also extend to everyday life.

However, it is students of mass communication who will benefit twice as much, since the course will heavily employ concepts taught to mass communication students at Jamia's MCRC.

The course has 20 seats for the first batch and is spread out to over four semesters. The classes will however be distributed between the two universities with 10 students undertaking the course in DU and 10 in JMI. All students will ultimately get a joint degree.

While the modalities of rolling out the course by the end of September are still underway, students are now looking forward to, what they perceive will be, a paradigm shift in Indian education.

A student who did an honours course in math from DU said that the two faculties of the respective universities are good. This will finally break the age old straight-jacketed method of doing an MBA or a regular Master's, he said.

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