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Fifty private schools flout sanction on students enroll

Fifty private schools flout sanction on students enroll

 LUCKNOW: Though the state education department has taken action against 229 unrecognised schools, the number of such schools is estimated to be much more. According to the secondary education teachers association, the district, at present, has 653 schools recognized by the UP Board and 351 unrecognised schools.

As part of its crackdown on unrecognised schools, the association formed a team of dedicated teachers who gathered information about the irregularities in such schools. In the first phase, the association handed over a list of 351 unrecognised schools to the District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) Umesh Tripathi on July 27. Next, the association started two helplines where people can lodge complaints against schools running illegally. This list of unrecognized schools is likely to be released on September 19. "We have received more than 100 complaints till now,'' said RP Mishra, state secretary, UP Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh. Association believes there are more than 2,500 unrecognised schools in Lucknow alone.

Acting on the complaints, DIOS constituted 11 teams comprising teachers from government, government-aided and self-finance schools. These teams visited the 351 unrecognised schools and gave their feedback after which DIOS took action against 229 schools. Another 130 teams were constituted to conduct surprise inspections in 653 recognised schools.

It was also found that 50 recognised private schools had enrolled more students than sanctioned by the UP Board. Association secretary Mishra said immediate action should be taken against the recognized and unrecognised schools for admitting more students than permitted. "The 50 recognised schools that have enrolled more students than sanctioned were given show-cause notice by the DIOS. None took it seriously. The situation is that class X and XII students have already been given the examination form,'' said Mishra.

The recognized schools admit students from unrecognized schools in connivance with some Board officials. In most cases, unrecognised schools get their students appear in exams as 'private candidates' of a recognised school. On the other hand, the recognised schools, which admit more than sanctioned number of students, file exam form of the students both as regular and private candidates. Association members said every year at the time of examination, UP Board is forced to provisionally allow such students to appear in exams on 'humanitarian' grounds. "Such schools also take contract to facilitate mass copying to help students pass the examinations. And since education mafia enjoys political patronage, no action is taken against them by the Board,'' said a teacher.

Schools violating RTE

Though DIOS has handed over a list of 229 dubious schools to the SSP and SP crime branch, no action has been taken so far. The police officials had asked the DIOS to send the requisite documents and records to prove that these schools are unrecognised. Following this, DIOS on Sunday filed a new complaint quoting violation of the Right to Education Act (RTE) and the rules and regulations set by UP Madhyamik Parishad. DIOS Umesh Tripathi said, "Schools running without the permission of UP Board in itself is the biggest irregularity. All formalities have been done and strict action will be taken against the offenders.''

Source:The times of india

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