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ITRC announces Center of Excellence Award for 2012-13 session

Information Technology Resource Center (ITRC) has announced this year’s Center of Excellence Awards recognizing achievements in teaching, mentoring, outstanding academic performance and exceptional work in IT Education.

The goals of the ITRC Screening Committee in selection of Center of Excellence Award are to:

  • Recognize the Teaching, mentoring, and hard work of Institutes.
  • Educate the public about the accomplishments and potential of Institutes.
  • Provide a benchmark of excellence that motivates the reform efforts of urban Institutes.
  • Deepen the knowledge base of best practices for promoting urban Institutes transformation.

Mr. Rizwan Khan, President, ITRC has Congratulates the all Award Winners for Excellent Academic performances for session 2012-13 and wished them a bright future.

Center of Excellence Award Winners for Academic session 2012-13

  Mr.Arpan Soni, Dewas 

    Mr.Lalit Dubey, Alot

   Mr.Rambabu Carpenter, Susner

   Mr. Anil Soni, Sitamau


   Mrs. Ratna Shrivastava, New Delhi

    Mr. Pramod Tiwari, Maihar

   Mr. Arup Acharjee, Nagaon

  Mr. Amit Das, Dimapur

  Mr. Amit Kumar, Gumla

  Mr. Anand Tamang, Darjeeling

  Mr. Sulabh Srivastava, Gwalior

  Mr. Somanth Paul, Bongaon

    Mr. Sukhranjan Saha, Silchar

   Mr. Dhiraj Nigam, Sultanabad, Bhopal

   Mr. Durgesh Gaur, Ghaziabad

   Mr. Pushkar Singh, Raiagar

  Mr. Rajeev Yadav, Pilibhit

  Mr. Vaneet Sharma, Pathankot

  Mr. Naresh Gajbe, Panchmarhi

  Mr. Yogal Kishore Joshi, Almora

  Mr. Yogesh Kumar Dahiya, Bhiwani

  Mr. Arup Ratan Maitry, Tamluk

  Mrs. J. Jaya Bai, Kallak urichi

Mr. Shiv Kumar Jha, Khagaria

Mr. Vishwajeet Singh / Trilokjeet Singh, Etmadpur

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