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E-Saksharta Mission - Class VI

E-Saksharta Mission - Class VI

Duration: 90 Hrs.


UNIT-1: Introduction to Computer Fundamentals. (5 Hours) 
IT Concepts: -Definition of Computers, Characteristics of computer - Speed, Diligence, Accuracy, Versatility, Storage, Basic Applications of Computers, Concept of Hardware and Software, Components of computer, 

UNIT-2: Windows, Notepad, Word Pad, Paint Brush, Calculator (30 Hours)

Introduction to Windows: -What is windows, Starting & Exiting Windows, Parts of Windows screen, Icons, Types of icons, Taskbar, Activating Windows, Moving & Scrolling Windows, title bar, Minimize, Maximize & close Buttons.Running applications: -How to run Program, Running a Program from the start Button, Running a Program from my ComputerNotepad Word Pad:- Simple word processing, Creating & Saving a document, Entering Text & Editing Document, Formatting Characters, Searching & Replacing Text, printing your document Painting Pictures With PaintbrushIntroduction to paintbrush:-Opening an existing picture, starting a new picture, basic painting techniques, Setting the foreground & background colours. Using Painting Tools :-Tool box, palette, Curve tool, Rectangle tool, Brush Tool.Manipulating areas of pictures:-Selecting an area, Moving an area, flipping & rotating Selections, inverting Colours, Stretching & Shrinking area, Zooming a picture ,Using Calculator.- Performing functions of Calculator

UNIT-3: Microsoft Word, MS-PowerPoint (40 Hours)

Microsoft Word: Introduction to Word, What is Word, Starting Word, Getting to know the Word screen, Creating Documents, Saving Documents, Using Help, Exiting Word. Creating & Editing Text-Opening a document, Selecting & Moving Text, Editing with Cut, Copy & Paste, Undo & Redo, Spell Check, Using Find, Replace & Go To. Formatting Text: - Font Level Formatting. Microsoft PowerPoint: - Introduction to Power Point, What is PowerPoint, starting PowerPoint, creating and opening a presentation, PowerPoint views, moving between slides, saving/ closing a presentation, exiting PowerPoint, Creating a new presentation using the auto content wizard and slide layout.Formatting Presentation:- changing the text formats, adding bullets, aligning text

UNIT-4: Introduction to Internet. (5 Hours)

UNIT-5: Typing Practice (10 Hours)

Hands on Experience for typing practice

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