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Duration: 90 Hrs.


Unit-1: Overview of Fundamentals (26 Hours)MS-Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Unit-2: Introduction to programming logic and techniques (10 Hours)Constants variables, data types, keywords, identifiers, relational and logical operators, arithmetic operators, do case and end case, IF and NESTED IF, Introduction to loop - FOR Loop, while loop, do while loop, until loop, Flowcharts, pseudocodes, algorithms.

Unit-3: Number system & Boolean Algebra (6 Hours) Introduction to binary, octal, decimal & hexadecimal no system, Conversions of one no system to another no System, binary addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, 1's complement & 2's complement.

Unit-4: Fundamentals of C (30 Hours)

History of C language, keywords, identifiers, variables and data types in C Simple C Program, compiling C Program. Decision making in C Loops- Do-While, While and For.

Unit-5: Networking Concepts and Internet (8 Hours)

Types of networks, need of networks, Internet and its use, LAN, WAN and MAN, Internet, History of Internet, Advantages of Internet, E-mail, Terms used in internets, WWW, URL, Web Page and browser, Addressing Systems, Hyperlinks, Hypertext, Home Page, Using Search- Engine.

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