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Some of the features of ITRC that has enabled itself to attain a new height in the area of education and has helped ITRC to expand its horizon by establishing a franchisee network to impart education to remote and rural areas.

•    We are a highly professional and technologically very advanced as an Institute. Very soon Centre management system will be  provided to all our centres with linkage to the master software at our Head Office.
•    Regular faculty training programs are conducted for all our centre heads as we strive for quality education.
•    Seminars, work-shops and counselling camps are organized at regular intervals.
•    We have a centralized placement cell which helps in the placement of ITRC students through our in-house placement portal – www.jobplacements.in
•    Our students are our strength. Every year more than 5000 students pass out from our various centres.
•    All the computer courses offered by the organization are structured and in line with market demand.
•    Records of all the students relating to admission, attendance and related matters are maintained at the centers. Details of this information are also available at the head office.
•    Our Exam procedure is very stringent. Examination committee at head office controls papers setting and evaluation of answer copies. External examiner is appointed from the head office to invigilate the whole process of exam, which is generally, conducted either in premise of any government/private school or college. The examination consists of three parts - theory, practical and project. Students securing minimum passing marks 50% in theory, practical and project are awarded with certificate of proficiency.
•    The students passed out from ITRC centres have been placed in Government sectors like Zila Panchayat, Police, Railways etc. and Private sector as well. In addition, many of the students have established their own business of either training centres or Graphic Designing or Accounting.
    We at ITRC follow strict norms to maintain quality in education. All the procedures related to selection of a study centre, registration of students to the conduction of examination are fixed and followed strictly.

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