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American Council For Education Research & Training, USA

American Council For Education Research & Training, USA

All programs offered by ITRC are validated and approved by American Council for Education Research & Training, CA, USA


American Council for Education, Research and Training (ACERT) is dedicated to imparting and facilitating education at macro and micro level around the world, especially American education in developing countries. Moved by the aspirations of its visionaries, ACERT counsels and guides students while provides training, consultancy and resources to schools, colleges, enterprises and various other bodies.

ACERT operates through its three divisions. These are; Placement for human resource solutions, Global for consulting and Education for all education related activities.

It encourages R & D in education for various countries’ education systems, provides resources and guidance to scholars, partners with various governments across the globe to improve quality of education at school and higher levels. ACERT organizes workshops and lectures to full-fledged training for schools and companies. It also provides planning, implementation, certification and evaluation at various levels in Information Technology.

The Council aspires and extends a helping hand to the underprivileged of the society, gives scholarships by collaborating with various sponsors. Those interested in joining forces to bring a change in lives of many can team up with us in several ways, right from active participation to collaboration.

ACERT covers streams like IT, business and management, accounting and commerce, special customized programs and much more. With a large number of centers across the globe, ACERT aspires to fulfill people’s dreams of getting technical and managerial education even later in their lives. Various institutes and enterprises can benefit from ACERT by hiring its services for techno-managerial training across various fields.

ACERT strives to bridge the gap between market requirement and skill-set acquired by the pupil in the course of education by providing resources and guidance.



  • Take education to each and every person on this planet, irrespective of geographic boundaries, financial challenges, sex, political boundaries, culture, religion, and all other . iimitations that narrow the scope of education.
  • Provide resources to downtrodden and underprivileged for improving their education levels
  • Provide a platform to those who want to contribute to the society directly or indirectly



To improve the quality of education at school and higher levels, take education beyond boundaries, make it available at reasonable cost, provide opportunities and resources to underprivileged.

Guide companies on path of growth and development by providing them right consultancy. To put to use their resources to reap best output and help them strategize, train, plan and implement.

We envision decreasing the gap between skills acquired by students in the course of study and market requirement so that they are job-ready after graduation. Give training that is relevant and not outdated, which fosters innovation and creativity instead of just producing well-versed professionals.

Provide human resource solutions, thus taking the right candidates to their rightly deserved positions.



Our mission is to “empower the world through education and training.We are achieving this by:

  • Improving the quality of education
  • Bridging the gap between training and industry requirement .
  • By preparing students for future.
  • Overcoming the limitations imposed by geography, race, sex and religions.
  • Improving the quality of education at school and higher education level
  • Sharing knowledge through lectures, interactions, workshops, seminars etc
  • Giving opportunity and resources to underprivileged


All the courses of ITRC have been validated by AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR EDUCATION RESEARCH & TRAINING, USA.


Visit Website: www.acert.us

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