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Educational Institute Website Evaluation

Educational Institute Website Evaluation

Evaluating an educational institute website is a subject which not so exhaustively researched which leads to some vague conclusion while deciding about how good an educational institute website is,Management and staff of an education institute are generally not aware of various criteria which can assist then to conclude about the quality of their educational institute website. The article discuses various criteria to evaluate a educational website.

Just like it is important to choose a good book by the educator to present to their students, a good educational website has certain criteria to be considred before it is presented to the students of the education institutes. Many websites found on the Internet can be of low educational value and should therefore not be used in a classroom setting.


What is the website's origin?
1.    The organization providing the site is clearly indicated.
2.    There is information about the site's authors (About Us, Our Objectives, Mission Statement, courses offered, events etc.)
3.    The site's creators have provided their credentials (if need be).
4.    The site's creators have indicated the source of their materials where it is necessary to do so.
5.    Means of correspondence with the audience on the web site should be available in form of static or interactive page

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Is the website well designed?
1.    The site's general appearance and aesthetic look and feel for the audience (colours, graphics, layout).
2.    It is easy to navigate through the site -links are clearly marked and self-explanatory making navigation intuitive.
3.    The links appearing on the site work (take the user to a new page).
4.    Supporting pages have a link back to the site's main page.
5.    The text on the site is easily readable (font, size, colour scheme).
6.    The graphics on the site serve a purpose and are not too big.
7.    The site is not cluttered with advertising -overshadowing its content.
8.    The site is interactive -there is something to DO on the site (game, fill-out forms, chat, newsgroup/message board, etc.).
9.    The site's design and added features (graphics, sounds, video, databases, Active X, Shockwave, CGI, JavaScript and Java Applets) do not hinder the enjoyability of the site but enhance it.
10.    The intra site search if its available for audience to search the relevant content by having basic search and advance search options
11.    Is the website developed by professionals or novices.
12.    Nature of website static or CMS software based
13.    Is the site developed on some free downloadable CMS software or some professional CMS software which has a responsible support staff for bug fixing issues.

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Is the website's content meaningful in terms of its educational value?
1.    The title of the site is indicative of its content.
2.    The language is developmentally appropriate for its targeted audience.
3.    The use of text and graphics as links is appropriate to level of understanding of targeted audience.
4.    The targeted audience has required skills to comprehend content.
5.    The targeted audience has required skills to navigate with ease through the site.
6.    The site is free of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, syntax errors, or typos.
7.    The site promotes equal and just representations of racial, gender, and religious issues.
8.    The content is informative.
9.    The site contains a wealth of information and deserves more than one visit.
10.    The site has links to other websites relevant to the same topic.

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Is the website accessible?
1.    The site does not take a long time to load.
2.    The site provides a "help feature" or instructions on its use.
3.    The site does not require special third party "plug-ins" or other types of special viewing helpers. If it does, this is clearly indicated.
4.    The site does not require usage fees to be paid.
5.    Partial information paid for information like technical journals and it authenticity.
6.    The site has rules and terms and conditions for its use.
7.    Disclaimers on websites
8.    The site requires a registration or password to access and use it.
9.    How good is the host who has hosted your website

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“There is a difference in quality while traveling in CITY BUS and a chauffer driven car”

Is the website current?

1.    The site has been recently updated.
2.    The information recently updated is highlighted for the user.
3.    There is a statement pledging to current updates.
4.    Can the audience post comments on the relevant information posted on the website
5.    How frequently is the new content added
6.    Is there any information about generation date or update dates on the content pages of the websites


Having a website which is CMS based can always resolve the problem of content management and reduce the dependency of all content generation/updatation.CONTACT THE AUTHOR FOR ALL QUERIES RELATED TO WEBSITE MANAGEMENT, PROMOTION, HOSTING 

Today's education scenario is rapidly changing and demanding. The system demands greater levels of communication between college, student and faculty members to have optimum use of resources. Today's industry talent demands are soaring with more and more skills requirements in all fields. Colleges and institutions generating creative students' needs focused approach on such talents and industries so as avail best of benefits to their candidates passing out.



Some of the query that can arise in the management community of an education institute is

How to have a professional website
How to Manage In-house Content On The websites
How can college one maintain a institute website without have great skill fo programming and page creation
How to promote the website of an institute

Post your query for having a professional website to benefit student, teacher and the management the author of the article can be contact by submitting the form below, author will revert back with all solutions related to your institute website. Please post all detail for which you are looking for assistance of your institute website

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