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Certificate in Computer Concept

Objective: This course is designed to help students achieve college-level knowledge of computers and digital technologies. By reading the text, participating in class, and completing assignments, students will :

• Understand technical terminology required to become an intelligent digital consumer

• Understand how digital devices work, based on integrated circuits and digital data representation

• Develop skills for using software, including operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and application software

• Understand the history and evolution of digital technologies and the information technology industry, from Babbage’s 19th century Difference Engine to modern cloud computing models

• Implement techniques for protecting privacy and safeguarding data when using digital devices, networks, and social media

• Describe the global influence of technology on society, culture, and the economy

• Build an appreciation for the role played by technology in career fields as diverse as medicine, banking, and fashion design• Grapple with technology-based controversies and issues such as artificial intelligence, tracking, cyberterrorism, and Internet censorship.

• Understand and respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights as they apply to digital information• Hone their ability to gauge the intent and accuracy of electronic information; Distinguish between fact and opinion, and identify bias and point of view; Correctly use and cite information from electronic sources 

Duration: 3 Month

Eligibility: No Formal Qualification

Course Detail: Compute fundamentals, PC Package (Word, Excel, Power Point), Accounting Package (Tally), Introduction to Internet

Exit Profile: After Completion of this Course from ITRC, You can start working 

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