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Database Application Development Using ADO.NET

Objective: ADO.NET presents a coherent programming model for exposing data access within the .NET Framework. In addition to supporting MS SQL, Oracle, and OLE DB connection components within the .NET Framework, RAD Studio includes data providers for .NET (AdoDbxClient Provider). AdoDbx supports access to MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, and Interbase. AdoDbx component designers ease the generation and configuration of AdoDbx components.  

If you are developing new VCL Forms applications for the .NET Framework, or you are migrating existing Win32 VCL Forms applications to the .NET Framework, RAD Studio provides continued support for existing Delphi database technologies, such as dbExpress and dbGo.  

This section includes conceptual information about how to use RAD Studio with the ADO.NET architecture, as well as the VCL for .NET database technologies. and how to build a simple ADO.NET project.

Duration : 2 Months

Eligibility : Higher Secondary or equivalent


Course Detail :
Web Programming using ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2008, ADO .NET 3.5


Exit Profile : After Completion of this Course from ITRC, You can start working

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