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Certificate in PHP

Objective: PHP is a port of the Objective-C (or Objective-J ) runtime to PHP. This adds the language features of Objective-C nestled nicely inside the syntax of Objective-C.

Moka is a port of the Apple Cocoa Frameworks (or Cappuccino ). As PHP is primarily a server side scripting language the frameworks are currently non-UI ones (Foundation.)

Duration : 2 Months

Eligibility : Higher Secondary or equivalent


Course Detail :
Introduction to PHP , Syntaxs of PHP , Common PHP Script Elements , Using Variables , Working With Arrays , Functions , File and Directory Handling , Including Files , File Access , Working With Forms , Processing Forms , Form Validation , Emailing Form Data , Addressing the Stateless nature of HTTP , Hidden Form Fields , Cookies , Sessions , Accessing Databases With PHP ,Interacting With Databases , Modifying Database Records Using PHP , My SQL.


Exit Profile : After Completion of this Course from ITRC, Candidate will become a Developing Applications with MY SQL and PHP

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