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Diploma in Computer Application & Desktop Publishing

Eligibility – 10th Pass

Duration – 1 Year (2 semester)

Total Credits - 32

Course Objective

This is an introductory course that does not presuppose any previous knowledge of computer s. You Will Study the use of basic application software and DTP used in Print Industry. By the end of course each student will able to:

  • Perform word & data processing using application software.
  • Design matter for paper media using DTP Software.
  • Handle Elementary Design needs of any business like designing of logo, visiting card, etc.


Course Structure-

Semester- 1

Sno Course Name Code Credits
1 Fundamental of Computers, Information & Communication Technology, Internet CDO4510AI 2
2 Operating System, MS DOS & MS Window, Introduction to Computer Hardware CDO4510BI 3
3 MS Office – MS Word , MS Excel, MS PowerPoint CDO4510CI 4
4 Functional English CAO4510DI 4

Semester 2


Sno Course Name Code Credits
1 Page Maker, Photoshop CDO4510EI 4
2 CorelDraw CDO4510FI 4
3 Communication skill & Personality Development CDO4510GL 4
4 Project CDO4510HP 7

Exit Profile

After Completion of the DCADTP Course from ITRC-IGNOU, You can start working as Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Desktop Publisher, Office Assistant, Data entry Operator, MIS Executive.

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