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Diploma in Hardware & Networking

Eligibility – 10th Pass

Duration – 1 Year (2 semester)

Total Credits - 32

Course Objective-

Teach Students fundamental of Electronics and basic computer applications & go up to Ms Windows server 2008 Linux & CCNA so that he/she can deal with the latest in computer Technology. During the course student will be provided with detailed theoretical inputs and practical training on various aspect of computer basics & operating systems along with computer hardware and networking technologies. By the end of the course each student will be able to:

  • Assemble & disassemble personal computer.
  • Install & Uninstall operating system as well as various software and programs.
  • Perform troubleshooting to detect fault in PC & fix the fault.
  • Understand the basic Networking Concepts and work in a networking environment
  • Configure various peripherals like Modem, Router, Printer, etc.

Course Structure-

Semester- 1

Sno Course Name Code Credits
1 Fundamental of Computers, Hardware & Networking Component HWO4510AI 2
2 Operating System MS DOS, MS windows HWO4510BI 3
3 Networking Fundamental & Network Installation & Troubleshooting  HWO4510CI 4
4 Functional English HWO4510D 4

Semester II

Sno Course Name Code Credits
1 Routers & Routers Troubleshooting HWO4510EI 4
2 Server Installation & Administration HWO4510FI 4
3 Communication skill & Personality Development HWO4510G 4
4 Project HWO4510HP 7


Exit Profile

After Completion of the DHN Course from ITRC-IGNOU, You can start working as Network Engineer, System Engineer, Router Operator, Cabling Designer, system Administrator, IT Faculty,  Back up Operator,  Storage Specialist, Hardware Consultant, Hardware Executive,  Technical Support  Executive, Network Engineer, Network Designer,  Asst. Manager(Tech), etc.

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