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PROJECT/Industrial Trainings for CA/CS/IT

Mobile Application Development using Android with Project Development Tools  

(Complete Android Programming, SDLC, UML). 


Web Application Programming using Java with Project Development Tools

(HTML, Javascript, JDBC, Servlet, JSP, Java Beans, SDLC, UML). 


Enterprise Application Development using J2EE with Project Development Tools

(Hibernate, Struts, SDLC, UML).


Internet Application Development using PHP with Project Development Tools

(PHP Web Programming, Data Connectivity, Joomla, SDLC, UML)


Desktop Application Development using C# 4.0 (.Net 2010) with Project Development Tools

(C#.Net GUI  Programming, ADO.Net, SDLC, UML)


Web Programming using ASP 4.0 (.Net 2010) with Project Development Tools

(Server Control, Master Page, Data     Controls, SDLC, UML).

Web Development with Project Development Tools    

(HTML, DHTML -CSS, JavaScript, SDLC, UML).

Agile Application Development Using Java Platform

J2SE 7.0 | J2EE 5 (Hibernate 3.2, Struts 2.x,Spring 2.2 | Oracle 11g.

Agile Application Development Using .Net Platform

.Net Framework 4.0 | Visual Studio 2010 | MVC | WCF | WPF | Silverlight | LINQ | SQL Server 2008.

Rich Internet Application

Using PHP PHP 5.2.X | WAMP | Zend Framework | MySQL | Joomla

Mobile Application Development

(iPhone + PHP + MySQL) | (Android + J2SE + Oracle 11g).

Windows Forms Application Development using c# with project development Tools

(Visual studio 2005).

Web application Development using ASP.Net with project development Tools

(Visual studio 2008, ASP.Net 3.5).

Enterprise application Development using ASP.Net with project development tools

(visual studio 2008).

Database App Development using ADO .Net with

Visual studio 2008, ADO .Net 3.5.


Digital Document Management

System using ASP .Net.

Live Project Training in PHP, MY SQL, Apache with Open Sources Platform like Joomla.

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