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IT & Software Programs [ACERT Certified]


Sno Programs Duration
01 ACERT Certificate in C & C++ 01   C, C++
02 ACERT Certificate in VB.NET 02   VB.NET
03 ACERT Certificate in ASP.NET 03   ASP.NET
04 ACERT Certificate in JAVA Programming 04   JDK, JDBC, Java Beans, Java-Servlet ,JSP, J2EE
05 ACERT Certificate in web applications 06   PHP & MySQL, Joomla (E- Commerce)
06 ACERT Certificate in oracle 04   Oracle 9i
07 ACERT Certificate in MS Office 03   MS Word, Excel, Power point, Access
08 ACERT Diploma in Software development 12   C, C++, Oracle –SQL, PHP & MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server,HTML ,VB.net,ASP.net, Java    Development Kit,JDBC & JavaBeans , Java Servlet, JSP
09 ACERT Diploma in web technology 12   PHP,MySQL,Joomla, AJAX,XML & XSLT, JavaScript & JSON
10 ACERT Diploma in internet & e commerce 12   'C' & 'C++' , HTML, Oracle – SQL,Microsoft SQL Server , PHP & MySQL , JDK,JavaBeans, JDBC,  Java-Servlet, JSP,ASP.net
11 ACERT Diploma in data base administration 12   Oracle – SQL, Advance Excel, Microsoft SQL Server ,MySQL,MS Access
12 ACERT Certificate in office automation 06   Windows,Usage of computer & peripherals, MS Word, Excel, Power point, Internet
13 ACERT Diploma in web designing 12   Internet Technology, Adobe Dreamweaver,
 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL,HTML,DHTML & CSS
14 ACERT Diploma in financial accounting 12   Concept of accounting, Journal Entries, Inventory management, Voucher entries, Bank      reconciliation, Debtors & creditors management, Trading Account, Manufacturing A/c, P &L A/c,  Balance sheet
15 ACERT Diploma in 2D & 3D Animation 12   Photoshop, Flash, Deamweaver,Illustrator,Adobe Premier,Maya/3D Max
16 ACERT Diploma in computer applications 12   Computer Concepts, Windows, MS Office, Internet, Pagemaker, C, C+,Coral draw
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