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ITRC Regional Franchise

We invite master franchise proposals to become ITRC's Regional Coordinator

In order to improve the quality of services and reduce delivery time, ITRC invites application from its performing centers to become Regional Coordinator of ITRC of their region.

A region is defined as combination of two or more districts adjoining each other. A regional coordinator becomes a profit sharing partner of ITRC and can thereby earn extra income by taking on extention activities of ITRC head office.

The key responsibilities of an Regional Coordinator includes :

  • To open ITRC franchisees in the Region through comprehensive marketing.
  • To appoint at least one executive solely for the purpose of marketing & coordination work.
  • To achieve the various targets given by the head office from time to time.
  • To ensure proper conduction of exams at the centers.
  • To ensure that the centers pay their dues on time to the head office and do the follow up exercise for the same.
  • Conduct regular inspection at centers to help them in solving their issues.
  • Conduct yearly audit of the centers.
  • Conduct faculty training programs, inter center competitions, picnics, get together, scholarship exams, etc. in the region.
  • To take care of distribution of study materials, identity cards, broachers, admission forms, diplomas, etc. to the centers.
  •  Send monthly report to the head office related to new prospects and performance of existing centers.
  • To do all other acts for the benefits of the centers as directed from time to time by the head office.
  •  To incur all expenses with regard to marketing, administration, examination, etc.


Eligibility for Regional Coordinator

  • Centrally located center preferably in commercial location.
  • At least 3 years of presence and experience in managing computer training institute.
  • Sound knowledge of regional business conditions.
  • Must have good knowledge of the market.
  • Office space of at least 1000 sq. ft. at prime location.
  • At least 10 latest computers and 1 printer.
  • Well equipped office with phone, internet, mobiles, etc.
  • Must have good reputation in the market.
  • Must be conversant with media planning
  • Must be a graduate with good communication skill and pleasing personality.
  • Sound financial position
  • Average yearly turnover of last 3 years shall be minimum Rs 10.00 lacs.


Interested person may mail us to info@itrcedu.com

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