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The philosophy of NEEDSSM is BE PRACTICAL…TO BE EMPLOYABLE.Just 30% of jobs for new graduates require a specific degree discipline. Clichéd it may be, but today’s employers are looking for graduates with a positive attitude – and ‘employability skills’. CEOs were asked to select the top three factors they consider when recruiting graduates – 86% of them put a positive attitude and employability at the top of their demands. Relevant work experience was seen as next most important, followed by degree subject.

FICCI secretary general Amit Mitra: "This finding shows that the faculty and deans of each college have to closely interact with employers to design education programmes that respond to the specific skill demands of the employers."

According to Andreas Blom, senior education economist at the World Bank: "The survey highlights the need for colleges to focus on the skills of the graduates. Each college should define the set of skills that a graduate is supposed to have after each semester.

The NASSCOM and McKinsey report finds that 75% of graduates are not employable by private companies.NASSCOM study reveals that almost 60% of Indian graduates don’t have the right employability skills. Many industry experts see a “gap” in industry-institute cooperation. As a result a huge amount of money is spent on training the recruited students. This also acts as deterrent to fresh recruitments especially in this time of recession where jobs are few compared to number of applicants. Consequently, there is an urgent demand from corporate to improve the employability skills of fresh graduates. 

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