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Class IX

Duration: 90 Hrs.


Unit-1: Introduction to Computer Fundamentals (12 Hours)

IT Concepts: -Definition of Computers, Characteristics of computer - Speed, Diligence, Accuracy, Versatility, Storage, Basic Applications of Computers, Concept of Hardware and Software, Components of computer. Hardware and software, Computer Memory - Primary, secondary, RAM & ROM, units of memory, Input/output devices. Classification of Software, Operating System and its functions, history of computers. and its generations Classification of computers, Computer Languages- Machine Language, Assembly Language and High Level Language, Role of Assembler and Compiler.

UNIT-2: Microsoft Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS -Excel, MS-Access (60 Hours)

Microsoft Word: Formatting Text: - Font. Level Formatting, Aligning Text, bullet and numbering, border and shading, change case, Working with Tabs, Indents & Spacing, Formatting paragraphs. Working with tables: Creating a table, adding text to tables, adding/deleting rows and columns, resizing rows and columns, deleting a table, splitting and merging cells. Inserting elements:- page numbers, headers and footers, date and time, pictures and hyperlinks. Mail merge, Envelopes and Labels.Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating a Presentation: - creating a new presentation, using the auto content wizard, changing the text formats, adding bullets, aligning text, Using different Layouts, Using Drawing Toolbar, Inserting Graphs and Organization Charts. Customizing Presentation: -Using emulates, selecting a slide layout, using undo, redo, changing slide layouts, adding clip art to your 'presentation, Background Colour/designs to slides, Slide Master View. Using slide transition: -giving timing, sound and adding animations to slides and using preset animations. Custom Animation- Animating pictures and Text with Sound effects

MS Excel:Creating & Editing Workbooks:- Creating New Workbooks, Entering Data, Selecting, Moving & Deleting Cells, Cut ,Copy, Paste, using undo, redo, Find & Replace, Using Formulas, Inserting and Deleting rows and columns, Cell referencing, Sorting of Data.Formatting Workbooks:-Formatting Rows and Columns, changing cell alignments, using number formatting Viewing, Drawing & Printing:- Viewing the worksheet, Adding headers & footers, working with page setup, setting a print area, using print preview & printing. Working with graphs.MS Access Introduction to Access, What is data, Starting Access, opening a database file, Introduction to the database Window, getting to know the Access screen, Saving & Closing a database file, Using the help menu, Exiting Access

Unit-3: Networking and Internet (8 Hours)

What is a network, Advantages of network, Differentiate between LAN, WAN and MAN, Internet and its History, Advantages of Internet, Requirements of Internet, World Wide Web, web browser, types of Internet Access, search information, Services on the web- E-mail, Newsgroups, FTP, Search Engines, Chat, E¬ Commerce

Unit-4: Project Work (10 Hours)

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