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Duration: 90 Hrs.


Unit-1: Introduction to Computer Fundamentals (8 Hours)

IT Concepts: -Definition of Computers, Characteristics of computer - Speed, Diligence, Accuracy, Versatility, and Storage. Basic Applications of Computers, Concept of Hardware and Software, Components of computer Hardware and. software, Computer Memory - Primary, secondary, RAM & ROM, units of memory, Input/output devices Classification of Software, Operating System and its functions, history of computers and its generationsClassification of computers, Computer Languages - Machine Language, Assembly Language and High Level Language, Role of Assembler and Compiler

Unit-2: MS Word. MS PowerPoint. MS Excel. MS Access (55 Hours)

MS Word: Formatting Text: - Font Level Formatting, Aligning Text, bullet and numbering, border and shading, change case, Working with Tabs, Indents & Spacing, Formatting paragraphs Working with tables: Creating a table, adding text to tables, adding/deleting rows and columns, resizing rows and columns, deleting a table, splitting and merging cells. Inserting elements:- page numbers, headers and footers, date and time, pictures and hyperlinks. Mail merge, printing labels and envelopesMicrosoft PowerPoint: Customizing Presentation: -Using templates, selecting a slide layout, using undo, redo, changing slide layouts, adding clip art to your presentation, Background colour/designs to slides Using slide transition:- giving timing, sound and adding animations in slides and using preset animations, custom animations

MS Excel: Creating & Editing Workbooks:- Working with spreadsheet, Entering numbers, text, Date/Time, Series Using AutoFill, Editing the worksheet, Inserting/Deleting rows, columns and cells Formatting Workbooks:- Formatting worksheet including change color, size, font, Formatting of rows, columns and cells Viewing, Drawing & Printing:- Viewing the worksheet, Adding headers & footers, working with page setup, setting a print area, using print preview & printing Using Formulas and Functions such as Sum (), Average(), Max(), Min(), If() Embedded charts of various types-Line, Pie, Scatter, Bar and Area in Worksheet.

MS Access: Starting Access, opening a database file, Introduction to the database Window, getting to know the Access screen, Saving & Closing a database file, Using the help menu, Exiting Access Working with databases :-Using the Database Wizard, working with datasheets, moving between record & files, using go to, updating records, Selecting Rows & Columns, changing Column Width, Saving a data sheet, Exiting datasheet Working with tables :- Creating a new database, Adding tables to database, adding fields to tables, inserting a field, setting a primary key, saving a table, adding & sorting Records, Setting Relationships

Unit-3: -Introduction to HTML and Internet (17 Hours)HTML:- Terms and Concepts, web browser, document tags, formatting tags, lists, Linking web pages, working with imagesInternet-What is Internet, Advantages of Internet, Network Architecture, History of internet, E-mail, World Wide Web, File Transfer Protocol, utilities

Unit-4: Project Work (10 Hours)

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