Why India

India- the land of knowledge, filled with some of the best human brains in the world is a popular study destination. Many travellers in their quest for knowledge visited India in ancient past, many come here just to see places and stayed for rest of their lives, studying Indian culture and tradition and subjects like mathematics, medicine and social sciences. Chinese traveller Fahiyan was one among them, whose journey gets mention in Indian schools curricula.

Europeans mainly preferred visiting India for business purposes. During European reign children of many administrators studied in India and left their mark in the respective fields.

The education ministry of government of India is responsible for administering education at all level; foreign people are welcome by Indian government. Providing visa for study to foreign candidates is the responsibility of the government.

The education ministry bestows responsibility of providing higher education on University Grants Commission – an Apex body. When you come from a far place to study in India choosing right program of study at right place becomes a matter of in-depth research and analysis. When you consider studying in India it’s become vital to know as to why India should be preferred as a educational destination.

Following points favour India as an ultimate educational destination:

1. Affordable education
2. Wide-ranging choices
3. World-class institutions and faculty
4. International exposure
5. Networking with world markets
6. Friendly environment
7. Holistic education
8. Building global leaders
9. Focusing on the new knowledge economy
10. World hub for IT&ITES besides this economic liberalization has created excellent avenues of business opportunities for Multi national Companies.
11. Develops the creative side of the personality
12. Beautiful country, beautiful people
13. An experience of a lifetime

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