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The weather of Indore is marked by the sweltering heat of summer and the cool winters. This can be ascribed to the fact that Indore is essentially a landlocked sited in the heart of the Indian subcontinent at a substantial distance from the sea. The geography of Indore is an eye opener on the climate of Indore as well as other physiographic factors about Indore that shape the weather.

Indore is the most important business center of central India and is hailed as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city of Indore covers an area of 214 square kilometers and is situated at 75 o 48' East longitude and 22o 48' North latitude. The city is perched at an average height of 550 meters above the sea level. The city experiences continental climate.

Indore is famous for its food. 
so first the traditional places to visit are the foodlands
1. sarafa is inevitable for every visitor do not be mistaken its the place for food since evening. definitely visit dahi bada shop.
2. chchappan dukan (56 shops) is famous like choupati at Mumbai. visit at evening or early morning for well known breakfast of indore that is Poha Jalebi. 
3. try for the roadside shops (allmost everywhere) for fast foods (upwas dishes esp. khichdi)
4.try the chinese at palasia corners esp. egg rolls.
5.kababs at near greater kailash and near stadium.
6.tanduri at LIG corner
7. little Italy at kanchanbagh
8. best non-veg at kanchan and rajshahi
9. best veg at shreemaya.
10. do not forget the paan at parshwanath against the hingh court. you will get umpteen no. of after food savoury called mukhwas.

Secondly if you have time for two three days stay then visit the surroundings

1. everybody visits Indore for mahakal , kaal bhairav and harsidhdhi. the first two are the shiv temples the god of kaal (time) the third is the goddess of vikramaditya the famous king of ujjayini. you must be knowing him by the vikram and baital stories
2. onkareshwar, maheshwar and also visit around the balwada. its the rivers and temples.
3.visit chokhi dhani etc for rajashthani cultures.
4. everybody plans mandu for a day or two.
5. if you have your own vehicle also plan for nalkheda 100kms from ujjain that is again for rivers and temples. the famous baglamukhi and sahastraling at gondalmau.
6.pithampur is the industrial area try the first sectors for scenic beauty as well from IIm.
7. its famous for garments so try to create a new wardrobe.

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