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Climatic Conditions

The largest city in Madhya Pradesh, Indore is situated on the Malwa plateau, just south of the Satpura range. After independence, the city served as the summer capital of the erstwhile state of Madhya Bharat, before the latter was merged into Madhya Pradesh in 1956. Brainchild of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, the place has today evolved as one of the most developed cities of Madhya Pradesh and serves as the commercial capital of the state. Regarding climatic conditions, the location of the place, in Central India and away from any major water bodies, makes it experience an extreme type of climate. Here, we bring information on the weather and climate of Indore.


Summers in Indore last from April to June. During these months, daytime temperature normally remains around 35oC to 40oC and the days are very hot and sultry. The mercury level may sometimes reach unbearable heights, with the maximum summer mid-day temperature soaring to 45oC. However, because of its location in the southern edge of the Malwa plateau, Indore experiences a cool evening breeze called 'Shab-e-Malwa, which makes the summer nights very pleasant and bracing.


The large seasonal variations that are associated with the Malwa region are also noticed during winters in Indore. The winter season generally begins in the month of November and stretches on till the month of February. In the course of this season, the temperature generally hovers around 10oC. During the peak winter months, the temperature can be spine-chilling during the night and may drop down to as low as 2oC to 3oC. The minimum temperature ever recorded in Indore is 1.5oC.


During the months of July, August and September, Indore experiences south-western monsoon rains. Rainfall may happen in the form of mild drizzle or heavy torrents. Monsoons are moderate, with the average rainfall remaining somewhere around 760 - 890 mm (30-35 inches). Nonetheless, the beauty of the place can be best experienced in the post-monsoon season and during the winters. The best time to visit Indore is anytime between the months of October and March.

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